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Major/Retail ATM Repair

ATMGurus provides a comprehensive ATM repair program for most common components in most ATM brands. All repairs come with our Guru Guarantee*.

  • Triton ATM Repair

  • Hantle (Tranax) ATM Repair

  • Nautilus Hyosung 1500 & 1700 ATM Repair

  • LG ATM Repair

  • Fujitsu ATM Repair

When you want something done right, call a Guru. When you send a part to be repaired by ATMGurus, you can relax knowing that you’ve chosen the industry’s most highly trained experts. Only ATMGurus has actual ATM Manufacturing Engineers on staff that know the ins and outs of each and every component comprising the world's leading retail ATM brands.

Advance Repair Exchange now available on ALL Triton Mainboards and SDD dispensers. That means SAME DAY TURNAROUND – the FASTEST in the business!

With a huge warehouse stocked full of parts, any little piece that might need replacing is always at the ready. Visa trusts us so implicitly that we are the ONLY vendor in the US authorized to repair their keypads – and that handling by any other results in a factory tamper error!

ALL repairs feature a 180 day warranty, and ALL repairs include FREE technical support. When you have a question, you can be sure that our techs have clear cut answers for you from our offices in the heart of the American South.

Our Technicians:

  • Are factory-trained
  • Receive continuing education
  • Follow a rigorous quality control procedure
  • Are available to answer your questions anytime

We look over every inch of each component and repair or replace everything necessary.We even perform preventative maintenance on items that in our experience will eventually show wear. Each repair is truly a comprehensive rebuild or complete refurbishment, with a full quality-assurance test to ensure optimal performance and functionality

Among all of the moving parts we closely inspect in our full diagnostic routine for repair and replacement are:

• Circuit Boards • Firmware Eprom upgrade for all dispensers • Timing Discs
• Bearings • Thorough cleaning and lubrication • Wheel Covers
• Belts • All calibration required • Pickers
• Clips • Anti-static brushes • Feeders 
• Diverters • Lid guides • Base Plates
• Locators • Pulleys • Bundle Output Units
• Gears • Idler Arms • Bundle Carriage Units
• Sensors • Stepper and Cassette Motors • Stacker
  • Proper Packaging  
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